Keywords, also referred to as key phrases or key texts, are the absolute basics of creating online ads that utilize search engines. They are especially widely utilized in SEO, which is optimization and positioning of WWW sites, as well as in Google AdWords, which is sponsored link campaigns. Without adequately selected keywords, it is hard to talk about effectiveness of this type of ads.

What is a keyword?

In the SEO context, a keyword simply means a phrase that a user enters in a search engine in order to find information they consider interesting. A keyword is rarely just a single word. In most cases it’s two or three words. A keyword is a sort of summary on what the website we’re looking for is supposed to be about.

Key phrases within SEO

Within SEO, key phrases can be divided into: general ones – they apply to broad terms, groups of services or products, like “jackets”, specific ones – they define a particular concept more precisely like “winter jackets”, niche ones – named with long tail phrases, they consist of Multiple words and they describe the searched subject in great detail, like “down winter jackets with a hood”, brand ones – they cover a brand or company name, like “Benetton”, local ones – they define the place or region related to the phrase, like “jackets in Birmingham ”. A similar significance to that of SEO keywords is held by the phrases used in sponsored links, like Google AdWords.

What are the mistakes to avoid when choosing words?

Choosing the right key phrases is, next to a website audit, the first thing for the SEO person and the website’s owner to do. Practice shows what are the most common mistakes made when doing that:

  • Too many keywords
    In theory, we can choose as many keywords as we like, but that’s not exactly viable.
  • Choosing wrong keywords
    If keywords don’t bring out the content properly, we may technically obtain readers, but not the ones we want. The result will be a low conversion rate.
  • No prioritizing
    Try to include such phrases in the keywords that the use of them will indeed be beneficial to the website.

How to choose the best keywords?

A question remains of how to choose the keywords to make SEO profitable.

  • Think about what you really do
    The most effective way to create a list of keywords is to analyze your business – the offer, the services or the products you offer the clients.
  • Use keyword searching tools
    The Internet is full of free tools and even more paid ones that will help looking for keywords.
  • Avoid single-word, complex and grammatically incorrect phrases
    When typing just “cars” into Google, it returns 253,000,000 results – that’s a lot, isn’t it? At such number, it is hard to get to the first page.
  • Utilize keywords that the competition uses
    There are free tools available online, like SEMstorm, that can be used to check which key phrases the competition uses in their SEO.
  • Choose keywords that are reflected in your services.
    Promoting something your website doesn’t have won’t yield any Positive results.

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