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What digital product to create in 2020? Practical, specific, one that can be implemented right away, and which gives instant effects. There is no point taking part in Online courses that take weeks of work. A simple product in which the client will immediately find something practical – this is our advice for 2020.

What do people need?

What kind of digital products give a Quick effect and sometimes even help your customer with something? The truth is that despite the growing popularity of virtual assistants, there are still a lot of people running their businesses as one or as a family. And in such a small business you want to do everything at the same time: content marketing on a blog, being active on social media, keeping up with trends, and on top of this, customer service? That’s why we’re searching for tools that will help us with at least some of the tasks we have to deal with while Running a business or a blog.

We have less time to go through a long course, but we will reach for a short exercise book, which will give us some thought and make us feel that we have learnt something in a short time while getting quick results.

List of sample products

  • An E-book similar to an activity book
    The reader is not just supposed to read them and put them back on the shelf (even virtually). These activity books force you to get to work and to take specific actions. From the point of view of the creator of a digital product, the advantage of an activity book over an online course is another thing: the recent vat tax rate on books, also another thing About the price – much higher than that of an average e-book. But we hope most people have gotten used to the higher prices of learning products, which allow you to achieve significant results.
  • Lists that will help immediately
    A brilliant example of such a product are hashtag lists for Instagram. This is not an educational product, the purchase does not put pressure on the customer to learn something, but at the same time it can be helpful and save them a lot of time. Another product in this category: a list of ideas for Instagram posts for creative Entrepreneurs.
  • digital products
  • Webinars, masterclasses along with activities or work cards
    Webinars often come in a form where you can subscribe to a free webinar first, and if you want to, you can buy access to the recording later. Such a product is different from an online course as it does not create a Commitment where you will spend a few hours learning something and will conscientiously go through the next lessons. Here you come for an hour or a half, listen to a person who knows what he or she is saying, download a set of exercises and you can work with them if you like.
  • Templates
    Graphic templates for social media, e-books, presentations and many more.
  • Bundles, i. e. packages of combined products
    Product packs containing items such as excel sheets, holiday calendars, trello boards, sets of motivational quotes and posting ideas for the whole year, as well as graphic templates for social media and many more. Ideal for a Social media manager planning to publish on channels of some brands.
  • Planners, printable sheet sets


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