Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is a rating service for website evaluation, which is based on the frequency of visits and the number of views. The statistics come from users who have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. The current rating of a particular online resource is determined by the ratio of attendance on this page to others. The lower the rate – the greater the popularity of the site.

How does Alexa Rank work?

In the case of Alexa Rank, continuous data collection is carried out, which contributes to the systematic update of information and website traffic in the ranking. To easily get information about sites, you can download a special toolbar. All information is compiled from such data:

  • Search traffic;
  • Number of visits to resource pages;
  • Time spent;
  • Total number of pages viewed;
  • Bounce Rate.
Alexa Rank

How is Alexa ranking calculated?

According to the official Alexa site, the ranking is calculated based on the estimated (average) daily number of unique users and the number of page views over the last 3 months. Here is an explanation what the above parameters used to measure your site’s individual ranking are:

  • Number of unique users: traffic indicator, i. e. the number of Alexa users visiting the site in one day.
  • Average pageviews: A measure of user interest, i. e. the number of times a page or URL has been viewed.

The data for the ranking system is based on the traffic provided by a dedicated global data panel. This data is collected from Internet users who use one of several Browser extensions – available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

The Alexa Rank algorithm controls and analyzes the site, then calculates the frequency of user visits. If the same user visits the site more than once on the same day, this is counted as 1 visit. The algorithm also searches “other statistical data” and changes rankings to compensate for the number of visitors who are not included in the measurement panel, i. e. they do not use Alexa extensions.

What to do to improve this parameter?

  • Install Alexa toolbar – when the website changes, the plug-in will send data about the activity of the given website to alexa. com online.
  • Place the Alexa Rank widget on your website. It is worth taking care of the content of the website so that Internet users return to our website.
  • Encourage your customers to install Alexa toolbar.
  • Take active part in webmaster forums that allow you to include a link in the signature (webmasters usually have Alexa toolbar installed).
  • Write some interesting articles for webmasters.
  • Use Alexa redirects in your links, e. g. http://redirect. alexa. com/redirect?www.yaldex. com
  • You can also create a new section on your site specifically for webmasters.
  • Set up your site so that visitors can comment on its posts. You can enter various polls to vote. Sometimes registration also helps, but on the other hand it can also be daunting. You should think carefully about this step before implementing it.
  • Forum on the site also has a positive impact on improving Alexa Ranking.
  • Easy navigation on the page. It is important that visitors move around our site, and not just remain on the main page, the site should have an Appropriate site map. The plug-in that can also help improve Alexa Rank in this case is Related Post. At the end of the post, it will display a list of links to related articles.

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