Magento can be tricky sometimes, so, if you have any problems related to Magento itself, please don’t submit a support Ticket. We will only answer issues concerning our themes.

We recommend you to visit Magento’s official website for Magento issues, where you’ll find almost everything related to Magento.

Also we would ask you to be patient when it comes to theme issues due to changes in Magento versions. Sometimes when Magento upgrades, its structure gets important changes that can really destroy our themes. When that happens we will try to fix everything ASAP but sometimes it can take longer than we want to.

The support service is only given through our Ticket system We won’t answer e-mails related to support queries.

Our support team will often ask you to provide FTP and Magento Admin-panel details. This is because sometimes we have to check your theme files directly in order to find out what/where is the issue. When this is the case, we ask you to trust in our company, we have more than 4 years in customer service experience with 0% of error in this matter. All your details will be saved and not be shared with anyone or in any place.

Before submitting a Ticket:

- Please keep in mind that we do not answer “How Do I…?”/theme customization questions. If you need help to customize/modify your theme, please visit Magento Commerce Forum or our Community Forum, where customers help each other.

- Remember that if you customized the theme somehow and that is the reason of your issue, we won’t be able to help. We only fix theme’s issues that could be caused by the theme we developed. The same applies for third party scripts or extensions you may add that can cause conflicts with our themes.

- Make sure it’s a theme issue, if not your message may be ignored or erased.

- Read the theme documentation, each theme-package has a link to the documentation and an installation video-tutorial.

- You can also read the documentation from our Support Documentation Page.

- Check our Frequently Asked Questions, you may find your answer quicker.

- Search the Community Forum for open threads with similar questions.


To submit a Ticket always remember:

- Include as many information as possible to explain your issue.

- Your URL.

- Name of the Theme.

- Your Magento version.

- Screenshots (you can use this tool: Awesome Screenshot)

- If you installed extensions, specify which are these.

(We reserve the right to change or modify current Support Policy with no prior notice.)

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