05 June

Facebook and Magento, like?


Facebook announced a few weeks ago that they were making some changes and also added a bunch of new functionality that is changing the way users interact not only on Facebook, but with websites in general.

One of the changes they made were getting rid of “Become a Fan” for pages on Facebook. Instead of “Becoming a Fan”, you now simply choose to “Like” a page or not. The interesting thing about pages is that if you ever stumbled across a page that a friend of yours was a “Fan” or “Liked”, and you were not, it would say “So and So likes this” or “So and So is a fan”.

It is a very slick feature because if a friend of yours likes it or is a fan, you are far more likely to check it out for yourself and possibly like it or become a fan. This kind of dynamic just adds to the social media experience all around.

One of the very innovative additions that Facebook recently made was adding the ability of “Like” to webpages and websites. This is great for many reasons because if you are reading a news website and come across an article and it says “So and So likes this” you are probably going to read the article and check it out.

It adds a component to websites that never existed before, any website or webpages are now completely social.

So, what does this have to do with your Magento store? Now you can add the social aspect to your Magento store. This can help increase sales by showing people what their friends or others like that are on Facebook. Each product can have a “Like” button and will allow your site visitors to show others what they like and can help persuade them to buy a certain product if they see how many other people “Like” that specific product.

You can see an example of how this looks on a Magento store by clicking here.

It really does work and I recommend you add this kind of social component to your Magento store. It will help keep you modern and hopefully increase sales, even a little!

You can purchase the Magento extension that will add the “Like” button by clicking here.


  • Fabio

    Thanks for the hint! I tried to make it myself, but Magento templates are too hard for me to understand. have you compared this extension to any other? I’m thinking about this one – http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/facebook-integration-bundle.html
    it got more features and price is same. did you try it? will you recommend it?

  • Carol Willkins

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