06 April

How to show Category Products on Homepage


Another major question people ask is how to add a Category Products on the homepage. This again, is a very simple task and I will once again explain how it all works.

When you purchase one of our themes you will see a folder name called “code” and inside that folder a file called “homepage_code.txt” this can by the way be ignored if you aren’t actually using one of our themes.

This piece of coding is what should be added in your “Content” area by going to CMS > Manage Pages > Homepage:

Go ahead and copy and paste this piece of coding in your content area. As you can see the number “3″ is marked red as an example, due to the fact that this is the only thing that needs to be changed when showing a specific categories product.

Now go ahead and go to Catalog > Manage Categories, select one of your categories from the left hand side of the page. When selected you will see an ID number show up for the category, for example “Your Category (ID: 10)“. As you can now see the ID number of this category is “10″. Now go back to CMS > Manage Pages > Homepage and in your content area change “3″ to “10″:

Now save your page and check out your homepage!

Hope that helped!

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