16 May

Slider speed…


Want to change the speed of your slider?, easy!.

The file which controls the slider may vary between themes, can be “custom.js” or “hello.jquery.js”, both of this files are in the same folder no matter which theme do you have, this folder is: skinfrontenddefaultyourhellothemejs

Also, no matter which theme you have, the line that set the speed value is the same for everyone. Find this line and change the value to the one of your choice:

speed: 1000,

Remember that a lower number will increase the speed of the slider.-

  • Leandro Lourenzo

    i installed hello press in my site, but i have a qestion… the helloslide it suposse to auto slide? or its only manual sliding?
    please reply because mine is not sliding by itself…
    and it will be good that it does.
    thank you
    (please i paid for this… and till now im not getting replys to any of my comments here or at facebook)

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