08 October

How to install the WordPress integration

1) First of all, you have to install the WP extension in your Magento admin-panel.  Go to: http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/fishpig/extension/3958/fishpig_wordpress_integration
Click in “Get extension key”, and copy that line.
2) In your magento admin-panel, go to: System > Magento connect > Magento connect manager > paste the extension key in the
corresponding field and click “Install”.
3) Now, you have to download WordPress. Go to: http://wordpress.org/download/
4) Install WordPress with his “5 minutes installation”. You will have to make a database for it.
5) So now, go to your Magento admin-panel > WordPress tab > Settings > Database/Integration
Fill all the fields with the corresponding information.
Be sure of:
In the “Database” tab, choose “Mage/WP are installed in different databases”.
In the “Integration” tab, choose “Fully Integrated” option for the “Integration Level”.
*Make sure you have installed the Statick blocks for the theme in your Magento Admin-panel.
And that’s it!.-
  • Kevin Woolf

    How do we deal with this message: Your blog URL (site address) matches your install URL (WordPress address). Please change your site address in your WordPress Admin

  • Kevin Woolf

    Note to others that the “Blog Route” under “Integration” in the Fishpig’s Magento / WordPress Integration panel has to match the “Site address (URL)” for WordPress, but this “Site address (URL)” as to be different than “WordPress address (URL)” for the Fishpig’s Magento / WordPress Integration test to pass.

  • Zhen Lim

    With full integration, what are ways to change the layout so blog post look nicer on the HelloUno theme?

  • http://www.becmarts.com zhengting

    thanks,i do ti sucessfully!

  • lucian

    I just finished to config the fishpig and everythings is ok on settings , but


    -> show me error 404 , why ?

    I config the route from wordpress base url site with



  • http://www.frozenyogurtrecipe.org/frozenyogurtarticles/ Frozen Yogurt Guy

    Thanks for the post. I am currently working on my frozen yogurt site at: ********. In fact I got some great design tips here at How to install the WordPress integration | How To | HelloThemes. Looking forward to reading more.

  • http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/janieliveman19 Andy Heinly

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  • http://www.gloopy.co.uk/ Gloopy

    Thanks for this, just installed the wp integration on my magento store :)

  • http://www.kyle-newman.com Kyle Newman

    Thanks for the info. How do you reverse the process. I’ve integrated WordPress but then decided I want it to work as a stand alone installation.

    So how do I now remove the integration? Thanks!


  • Gyorgy Demko

    Is this template works with 1.6.2 ???

  • Mickey

    Hello, I had a question. About the layout that Hellowired uses for the wordpress integration. It keeps on showing the complete post I would like to simply just use the excerpt portion of it. I have it all setup in wordpress to auto excerpt everything but its not following that, Im not sure if the template of Hellowired overtakes the wordpress configuration or what? Please advise. Thank you in advance.

  • catherine

    Hi I am new to magento and I have integrated a wordpress in magento. Now i have already a blog in my magento using wordpress. So how can I make my forum navigation use the wordpress?

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