08 October

How to configure an iPhone Theme

In your Admin panel, go to: System > Configuration > Design


Under “Themes”, you have to complete the fields with the corresponding identifier of the theme you are setting up (eg.: HelloCanvas would be  hellocanvas)


Under each field, click in “Add Excepion”,  in “Matched Expression” you have to write:  iPhone|iPod ,
in “Value” write: “identifier_iphone” (eg.: hellocanvas_iphone).


Magento automatically detects if the browser is opening the theme from an iPhone, iPod, or iTouch, and reads wich theme is from the “Value” option.-
  • http://blog.aajit.com Ashraf

    I put only “iP” for iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.. and it’s working, thanks.

  • Juliana Pinho

    my theme and template monster compreio hellocurl_iphone, did everything for me as it’s written here and has not worked, what should I do?, I have to run a file in my mysql??

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