01 July

How To Set Up Different Languages in Magento


In order to configure a different language for your store, you have to download the language package from the MagentoConnect Web Site: http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect
There you can search and find your desired language.

1) Choose the language you want, then click in “Get extension key” and copy the line.

2)In your admin, go to System → Magento Connect → Magento Connect Manager, paste the extension key and click “Install”.

3)Click on “Return to Admin”. Under “Current Configuration Scope:” select the language you want to configure, for example “German”:


4) Now click in “General” tab, then select “Locale Options”, in “Locale” field  select the language, like this:




That’s it. The language you selected will be assigned in the selected store-view. You would also have to assign a Homepage and static-blocks to this store-view.

Be sure to clear the cache before trying to use your new language.

You will have to do this same procedure with every language you want to set up for your store.-

  • http://www.aitobuy.com rakesh

    Do the same for “Secure”.
    Also go to Design, and under “Themes”, uncheck all the options and write the identifier of the theme you are using.
    Remember to click on “Save Config” every time you change the information.

    Important: Also, you will have to assign the “Homepage” and the “Statics Blocks” of the Theme to the new “store view” you created.

    I managed to get through most of the steps until this point

    am i supposed to write the name of my theme in all the fields?

    homepage and static blocks are where?

  • marsv

    I have not succeed to have the language flag switcher display, as seen in some of the theme gallery image previews (like Glam).

    Perhaps a screenshot can be posted to clarify this sentence:
    “Also go to Design, and under “Themes”, uncheck all the options and write the identifier of the theme you are using.”

    What are the fields to “write the identifier of the theme”

    Many thanks.

  • Kevin Woolf

    I’m a little unsure about putting the theme name in the URL. Can you explain why this is important? As far as I know, this gets added to the URL, and that wouldn’t work for me. And the language selector doesn’t appear afterward. Hope you can show a detailed or video tutorial on how to get this done. Thanks!

  • http://www.ajytzler.dk Anders

    Worked. Thanks =)

  • swathi

    i have followed the same process what you have given but still i am not able to see the front end language changes.

  • http://magento.toysland.com.hk/magento Magman

    I tried the steps above many times. Still “Select Language” cannot be shown. Can you please give me further instruction? thanks vm

  • Vignesh

    Great Work :) Thanks..

    But sadly my category is not displaying in new store view.. Do you have any Idea?

  • Opace

    Worked well, thanks for this!

  • Amo las maduras!

    for version 1.8?


    Thanks it working…But in some areas language is not translating to the required language(eg:Arabic)..Could any one know the reason..Eg: Category name in the top menu,Header menus etc.

  • http://www.yourapphero.com/ John Cornar

    thanks for the help


  • adam sammy

    Nice article looking forward for more, bur can not see your name brother?

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