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    Hi there


    The top wishlist icon that was missing was sorted out in previous forum thanks.
    There is however another problem, namely that the top wishlist link is not actually working.
    1. When not logged in and clicking on top link 'My Wishlist'
    It will take you to the 'Login or create an account' page as it should.

    2. However once logged in and clicking on that top link -it is not working and does not take you to your actual wishlist. I dont know where and how to correct it to give it the correct link it must be somehow related to the icon problem where the file is called from a different place?

    The 'add to wishlist' link and 'go to wishlist' link on side panel are working fine.

    I get the same problem with your demo site. It worked a couple of times and then I also got the error page (takes me out of the site on to fast browser ( It also seems to happen more frequently in firefox than Chrome and safari.

    Please assist