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      I know you don’t do HOW DO I questions, but this one is definitely an issue with the theme so am hoping you can get back to me on it soon? I’ve spent 2 hours trying to find a solution and none of the “normal” ways to adjust the change the MY WISHLIST link are working. I thought it was just an error on my site, but I just tested it on your demo storefront and it also is not working properly. The MY WIHSLIST link always takes me to the homepage (main domain/url) and not the like it should. The link for works fine on your demo as well as my site, pulling up the wishlist, but the link does not, it just got to Can you please let me know what the fix for this is?




      From all the support posts I have read it seems like there should be a wishlist.xml file where I can edit this info, but it is not included in this theme. I re-downloaded it to verify and it isn’t there. Please let me know how I can fix this issue with the MY WISHLIST link not pointing to the right page on this theme.



      Hi, helloPodcast takes wishlist.xml file from the Magento base, you can find it in:

      This is an issue of Magento, there are a lots of post complaining about this in the Magentocommerce forums:

      This links helps you to edit the top-links:

      Hopefully Magento fix this in 1.6




      Yeah, I have read all of those post to the forums and knew it was an issue, but was hoping for a better solution. I’ve gone through them again and still can’t get the link fixed. Isn’t there an easy way to just change the link on MY WISHLIST without creating any new files, or editing full XMLs file by removing links and adding them back in, etc? I just want to get it updated, and I can’t even when following these directions. Can you be a little more specific on the edit needed, because nothing I have tried works. If you can post the code edits up here and let me know exactly what file (and what directory it is in) then I should be able to get it fixed. Thanks!



      I still could not get it to work, but found a new way, THAT WORKED!!!! Hooray! Like you mentioned this theme being older, and that is correct, the links.phtml code is old and that’s why it isn’t working. It just needs to be updated with the new code. Here is the solution, if others run into it…

      (is using older code)

      so, refer to:


      This has updated code…copy it, and replace it in the theme’s link.phtml file and it will work.

      Thanks for all your help,



      Great!, thanks for sharing your resolution here. Also, to give style to the links when you change the files, you have to go to: skin/frontend/default/hellopodcast/css/styles.css

      Add this line anywhere in the file:

      .links { float: right; position: relative; top: 15px; right: 20px;}

      Kind regards.-



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