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      I feel confident that there are more controls available to we developer users of HelloSlide than simply adding or subtracting images in /media. Can you tell us where to edit such things as timing, any effects that might be available (dissolve, blend, etc.) and slide direction. Certainly this is available.


      Hello Themes
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      @J Gregory Hass

      Yes, simply go to skin/frontend/default/yourtheme/js/slider.js

      Scroll down and you will see a variety of different variables you can edit.

      Hope that helped.



      Right now the HelloSlide swings in. Is there a way to make it dissolve?


      Support Team
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      Hello Jason, like a FadeIn/FadeOut? Yes, but with other extension.
      Take a look to HelloWired.



      Yes, that’s what I’m looking for


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      You need to change the jQuery plugin. We used other plugin to did this.
      You can download the FREE theme and look the css and js.
      Best regards.



      how do i set the slide in my front page ?

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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