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      I just have a few quick questions… In Magento version I’m trying to chamge the welcome message (Default Welcome Msg) which i can’t find in system > Configuration > Design… Any idea on how to edit this?

      Also, I’m trying to move the product options to the right side of the prouct image(s) under the ‘short description’ any idea on how to do this?

      Finally, is there any way to create categories that do not show up in the navigation but are still accessible when linked to?

      Thanks again…



      I figured this out… However, Any way to add ‘Related Products’ to the product description tabs?



      Would you mind posting the solution for the rest of us? I’m having the same problem with the Default Welcome Message. Thanks.


      Hello Themes
      Key Master

      @Ryan Esparza

      What theme are you having problems with? Let us know.



      @Aaron Sananes Thanks for your response.

      II am using the HelloUno Theme. In the admin, “System > Configuration > Design” does not appear. Magento version



      @Aaron Sananes

      Nevermind. I found the fix on another thread.



      Very Nice & useful theme eislapclay sliderI just wonder1. under Social Media Settings Display Community Widget if select show Why all the rest widgets will not show up ? ( The Demo shows all. )2. Would it be possible to have catagory drop down menu ?Thanks a lot



      RsxvME crcavnzpxzzr

    Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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