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      I currently have helloclean working in a install.

      I’d like to move to the latest 1.4.2 version

      I have re-downloaded the latest helloclean theme but it looks like the helloslider is now different.

      The slider on the front page disappears.

      What is proper procedure to upgrade to 1.4.2 and have the theme still work?



      Hi, first make a backup of all your files, then you can upgrade, download then theme again and install it as usual. The theme is already fixed to work in

      Other way to do this: upgrade your magento after backup, then if the theme doesn’t work and give you an error on your homepage, comment the file wishlist.xml (like this: __wishlist.xml)
      That is the main thing that chaned in version




      Thanks for the fast response!

      Ok, so I upgraded to version, I renamed the wishlist.xml and also had to change my page.xml from

      <block type=”core/profiler” output=”toHtml” name=”core_profiler”/>

      But my slider is now missing? My theme is an older version of the current theme. I installed the latest version of the theme but my slider is still missing.

      Are there steps to enable the old slider or perhaps how do I enable the new slider?



      Hi Matt, we have sent you an e-mail, please check it.-

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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