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      I just made your update for 1.4 and the toolbar.phtml has removed the horizontal layout of the toolbar…it just stacks the shows X per page and sort by X vertically instead of laying them out horizontally with the graphics backgrounds. When I rolled to the old toolbar.phtml it fixed this issue BUT then I was getting the Magento search errors. So, this new toolbar.phtml has the proper functionality I need for 1.4 BUT the styling doesn’t work. Can you send a replacement toolbar.phtml which fixes this or let me know what code needs to be edited within the new toolbar.phtml? I have left the new toolbar.phtml live on the site so you can see how the toolbar’s lay out is stacked vertically without bg graphics:




      We are fixing that issue in all our themes, it was due to the upgrade from the magento version.
      We have already corrected that mistake in a couple of themes. Let us know which theme you are using so we can keep you posted with the fix.
      Between today and tomorrow we’ll try to have all of the themes up and running with the new version.



      I’m using HelloPod, thanks!



      I’ve got the problem in HelloGlam!



      Try downloading both of them again now. Tell me how that went.



      Pamela, try downloading what? I just went back into my account on your site and downloaded the theme, but the toolbar.phtml is still the old one. I also redownloaded your “FIX-UpgradeMagento1-1.4″ and it also has the same toolbar.phtml file for my HelloPod theme. Where are you telling me to download this fixed file and try it again, because both those locations don’t have an edited toolbar,phtml file.



      Checking in again on this…the toolbar.phtml file for HelloPod still isn’t fixed. Can you send me a revised toolbar.phtml file which has it’s style back in it or let me know what edit to make to this new file for 1.4? Anyone else get this fixed on theirs?



      hello mini is doing the same…can you email [email protected] when this issue is resolved.



      I also just realized besides the formatting of the toolbar being off it doesn’t even show the link to view the additional pages of products so a user can only access the first 9 products in that category. Check this page which shows 19 products, but you can’t display page 2 of it. I really hope you’ll have a fix on this toolbar ASAP so it can go back to the way it was before and how the theme is supposed to look. I posted this request 1 week ago and it’s still unfortunately resolved. I’ve seen other posts on this, so if anyone has a fix for this theme I’m referring to (HelloPod) please post it here. THANKS!


      Hello Themes
      Key Master

      Hi Jed, please do the following:

      - Download and open up your new hellopod from your dashboard.
      - Log in to your FTP
      - go to app/design/frontend/default/hellopod/layout/catalog.xml (overwrite this)
      - go to app/design/frontend/default/hellopod/template/page/html/pager.phtml (delete this)
      - go to skin/frontend/default/hellopod/css/boxes.css (add the following)

      /* Pager */
      .pager { font-size:11px; background:#fff url(../images/bkg_toolbar.gif) 0 100% repeat-x; padding:4px 8px; border-top:1px solid #ddd; text-align:center; }
      .pager .amount { float:left; margin:0; }
      .pager .limiter { float:right; }
      .pager .limiter label { vertical-align:middle; }
      .pager .limiter select { padding:0; margin:0 0 1px; vertical-align:middle; }
      .pager .pages { margin:0 140px; }
      .pager .pages ol { display:inline; }
      .pager .pages li { display:inline; margin:0 2px; }
      .pager .pages .current {}

      /* Sorter */
      .sorter { font-size:11px; background:#fff url(../images/bkg_toolbar.gif) 0 100% repeat-x; padding:3px 8px; border-top:1px solid #ddd; }
      .sorter .view-mode { float:left; margin:0; }
      .sorter .sort-by { float:right; padding-right:36px; }
      .sorter .sort-by label { vertical-align:middle; }
      .sorter .sort-by select { padding:0; margin:0 0 1px; vertical-align:middle; }
      .sorter .link-feed {}

      /* Toolbar */
      .toolbar {}
      .toolbar .pager { padding:3px 8px; }
      .toolbar .sorter {}
      .toolbar-bottom {}

      - go to System > Cache Manangement and refresh your cache.

      This should work if you followed the steps correctly.




      Thanks for the reply Aaron. I followed your instructions on those three files and this definitely changed it, but unfortunately it’s still not quite there. In Safari it’s throwing all the product photos to the right about 100px, and the “sort by” section is showing up as a drop-down instead of the text links. I have taken screenshots of my site displaying both the homepage and product category pages in both Safari and Firefox. Firefox doesn’t have the products issue where they are moved to the right ~100px, but it does have the sort by error which is causing the stacking / layout issue of that toolbar. I just want it to look like the demo which I’ve posted on this page with screenshots as well…

      I look forward to your response, fixing this, and not bothering you anymore ;) THANKS!



      Any luck on this…it’s still all screwed up on my site. THANKS!



      Checking in again on this as it’s been about a week and the formatting is still way off and it’s the last thing I’m waiting to fix to officially launch the site on it’s proper domain. Please check my above posts and let me know what else needs to be done to fix these errors. THANK YOU!



      Another week has gone by, can you please let me know what the fix on this is…the one previously provided still has errors as you can see. Or, if you don’t have time to fix this toolbar error in 1.4 please let me know so I can make other arrangements.



      I would be glad to know how to enable the paging too

      I’m on HelloWear, and as I can see in the live demo on, the paging is NOT working when you make a keyword search using the global search box.

      I’ve just downloaded the latest version of the theme, replacing files as you indicated, but got nothing.

      Thanks for your help (please)

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