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      Hello All,

      can anyone tell me how to put this home button into the top nav? I would also like to integrate some cms pages into the top nav, if possible in drop down style.

      Any ideas?

      thank you very much..



      trying to modify toplinks too



      Hi guys,

      I had this same question and did some researching. You have to manually edit some files rather than have this option done within the CMS. I found this article a help.

      Basically top links are defined in the hellokids theme in particular in the following file:
      My Cart / Checkout – \app\design\frontend\default\helloTheme\layout\checkout.xml

      Look for the xml block and comment out the action tags such like <!-- <action>...</action --> within the block below:
      <reference name="top.links">

      To remove the wishlist link you have to update your wishlist.xml file – although in my HelloTheme, it was not there, so best practice is to copy and paste it from your base (\app\design\frontend\base\default\layout\wishlist.xml) and put it in the (\app\design\frontend\default\helloTheme\layout) folder and then comment out the line as above.

      To create your own links you have to find the links.phtml view file:

      Line 37 is an example of how to get the home page statically binded.
      So if you want a contact page you just add a new list item:
      <li class="linkss"><a href="<?php echo $this->getUrl('contact-us')?>"><span>About</span></a></li>
      In this case i have a page already in my cms with a url-key of contact-us. To make life easier, try and match this with your url-key rather than adding an absolute link.

      I hope this has been of some help



      Thanks Ben for sharing this in the Forum. However this is only to add/edit top-links, not to add a link in the top-navigation menu as (i think) Götz asked.
      Here’s a Hellothemes’s video-tutorial of a simple technique to create links in the top-nav to cms pages:


    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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