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      where I can modify the top menu?

      I tried in the menu.css but nothing.
      then I tried to look for some java script, nothing..

      Can you please help me?
      I need to reduce the padding between words, I have a lot of entry in the menu.

      Regards, Sergio.



      Hey Sergio,

      Try using Firebug for Firefox to find the CSS tag that encloses your menu tag. Usually it’s called “top-links” and nested inside the access div. Styling is in your styles.css or boxes.css file. If you want to move it, you might have to place it outside the access div in your template files. If you need more help from here, I’ll need a link for your site to give you more detailed info.




      Thank you very much Kevin,

      this is the site, not still live yet
      The top blu menu and the left one open and show different links, I just need to reduce spaces between words.

      The CSS should be //skin/frontend/default/hellopress/css/styles.css but I’m not to confident with CSS, I can’t find where to modify.





      I’m scratching my head here. Your site looks perfect. Where exactly do you want the spacing to be reduced?




      Hi, im having the same problem here. I found how to dissapear the top menu, but it apeared in the left.
      I think the double menu is not so helpful. How can we dissapear it completely?



      Well the only solution I can think of is to split your menu into columns. Try this:

      Edit your styles.css file and add/change the following:

      Let me know if this works for you.




      Hey George,

      Two great ways to hide that left menu. One way is to delete or comment out the following block in your catalog.xml:

      <block type="catalog/navigation" name="catalog.vertnav" template="catalog/navigation/vert_nav.phtml" before="currency" />

      Even cooler, if you want to keep it on some pages and not others, you can go to the CMS–>”Select your page that you want to remove the menu from”–>Design and enter the following in the Layout Update XML field:

      <remove name="catalog.vertnav" />

      You can do the same in catalog pages. Hope that helps.




      i ll check it out, thank you very very much.



      Thank you Kevin, I just needed to reduce the space in the menu links, for example now I have about 100 “Marche” (Brands).
      I finally found where apply the change in the CSS.



      Unfortunately nothing.



      Hey George,

      What did you do? If you have a link please post. I don’t have your template installed but removing the block should work. Make sure you edit the catalog.xml in your template folder and not the base folder. And of course clear the cache.


    Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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