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      We are using a rather modified version of HelloPress theme and we would like to upgrade our store version to Right now we are using I wonder if there is any way to know which files you actually modified to make it compatible? So that we don’t need to go over every file and make our modifications in again.




      Well, it’s difficult to tell you this, since we modified 2 times (from to, then to, then to The main problem was the file wishlist.xml and wishlist.phtml, we resolved this commenting the file and taking it from the Magento base, then styling the corresponding layout changes that this caused.




      Thanks for the reply. There weren’t any huge changes like modifying dozens of files as I understand then? I would simply love to change only these files which you changed and continue with the old files otherwise since we are using two modified versions of your theme in different language stores of our company.

      Perhaps an idea for you to keep a changelog of all the files so if customers modify the themes they know what to look at once upgrading Magento.

      I would appreciate if you can find out whether anything else was modified.

      A very happy customer of HelloThemes…




      Hi Georg-Renee, when we upgrade from to we had to comment wishlist.xml and/or wishlist.phtml (depends on the theme), and the same from to 1.5. Also a minor changes were made in catalog.xml and product/view.phtml , but those were due fixes we made over the theme.
      I recommend you to test in a local or test server, before upload to the production environment.

      You can find what files have been changed in the INFO-HelloPress.txt inside the downloaded package.

      Kind regards.-

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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