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      I have added a new page on my website but the theme layout appears to be broken, the layout options are the same as other pages but this one has an issue with the theme layout.

      The page can be found here –



      We have sent you an e-mail regarding this, please check it.




      can you please forward me the email as i am having the same problem!!

      thank you!



      Hi Barbara, please submit a ticket for this issue, and send us a screenshot or a link to your site, so we can check for this.-



      Not being familiar with galerly2, I’m not at all sure what the best way to approach your issue is. One possibility may be to create a page template that calls wp-galerly2.php and places it inside the WuCoco pagebox. Another possibility is porting WuCoco to galerly2 if it has its own theming system.I think your best bet may be to get in touch with Jason and find out how he’s doing things. Please report back, since I’m sure other folks will be interested as well.Also it’s worth noting that 0.4.3 is several versions back at this point. Have a look at the for the latest downloads.



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    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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