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      Purchased the new HelloCurl them yesterday and tried installing it on our server, but seem to be having errors in the Home Page Sliders, as well as the Check Out.

      I have loaded it manually, as well as using the Hello Themes uploader, getting similar results.

      I see that there is an error with your Demo theme as well, with the HomePage not working. Browsing through the forum, it appears there is an issue with the slider feature working with Magento.

      If this theme is not yet working, why is it available for sale?

      I’d like to get our webstore up and running asap, so any help getting this sorted would be appreciated.

      Webstore can be found at





      Hey Clinton,

      I’m not sure how much experience you have with Magento, but it’s a real beast learning how things work together. First off, don’t use their theme upload extension because you don’t need it, but most importantly because it’s not working correctly and has been decommissioned.

      I just took a look at your link and it seems you don’t have Magento installed correctly, or possibly some files have been deleted/replaced with your recent upload. I’d be happy to help you get started, but I’d need ftp access and db info, which you really should only be giving to HT (I don’t work for them although maybe I should).

      Hit me up at kevin leave-this-part-out at woolf dot com if you’d like me to help you. The instructions would be too involved to post here on the forum, but you can also check out the Magento site for lots of tips.




      Hey Kevin,

      I’d uninstalled Magento to do a fresh install, just been tied up with sales today and haven’t had time.

      I had tried loading the theme manually, and had the same result as using the upload tool. Trying again, so the site will be live in a few minutes.




      Let me know if you need help. I’ve been down this road many times. Install is the easy part, but configuration takes time as well.




      hey Kevin,

      Your help would be much appreciated. I’ll shoot you an email now.




      got the same problems, at least with the checkout. It seems the left menu column (billing address, shipping address, etc) is configured as right column.

      In the curl demo this is fine though, so maybe just a matter or configuration, but I dont know where.



      Hey Adrian,

      Were you able to get the sliders and such on the home page working? I have a feeling the issues (homepage and checkout) are related.

      Very frustrating. Still no word from HelloTheme staff either. after 24 hours, I’d expect some sort of response. Filed a PayPal dispute, hoping that will get their attention. :x

      What sucks is that the product looks so good. They just don;t back it up with great documentation. I have a feeling this theme was perhaps launched before it was ready.

      Working with Kevin on trying to get it sorted. We’ll see how it goes!




      hey Clinton,

      I have the same feeling. The HelloThemes team should at least fix the Curl demo (Homepage not found).

      Yes, I agree, the theme looks great, so lets get it running :D

      No, the slider isnt working. Both default pics are shown in the editor, but no toggling.



      Was hoping to have the store live before Black Friday, eBay fees are killing me, and I’d like to do a serious deal on our Phone Skins. Saving the 15% eBay Seller Fees would help me offer an even better deal. Looks like that idea is out the window!

      I think the funniest thing is that I’m a total cheap ass, and really mulled over buying a theme, and after breaking down and buying one I thought would be fast and perfect, this happens. grrr,

      Well, it’s 10:30 am in Las Palmas, Spain, they should be in the office by now. Lets see if we hear anything today!




      Hi Clinton, sorry for the delay, we don’t work 24hs a day. We are not from Spain, but i have family living in Arinaga, same island you are.
      I don’t know why you say that, but the demo is working fine. I can’t see the errors you said.

      Let’s do the following, do a fresh install (manually) of Magento in your server, don’t install nothing more, send to support (at) hellothemes (dot) com your ftp, and admin details so we can set up hellocurl.




      hello Guillermo,

      would you please describe what modifications you did? Unfortunately I cant give you an ftp access to our server. Regards




      Hi Adrian, i still not receive the details of Clinton to describe you how i installed the themes, but i will that.




      I actually had Kevin (the other member that was part of this discussion) work on the issue overnight to get the theme working to it’s current state. I see that the main ad image still doesn’t slide as I think it should.

      Guillermo, when I look at the HelloCurl Demo site on HelloThemes, the Mae pages only shows the following in a white box (were the Main Ad, Featured Products, and Callouts should be): “There was no Home CMS page configured or found.”

      I’m going to email you the login details to our server in the next hour. I’m in Western Canada, and a late riser, so i’m just getting going.

      I do need to get this sorted, as I was only using the current site as a test run, and will need to setup the store on another domain. Basically was using this domain to work out the kinks. So, I do need to understand what the process is to get the theme working correctly.




      Hey Clinton,

      Got your e-mail, and thank you for the bonus offer. It only took me a few minutes, so don’t trouble yourself. I live/work in Taiwan now so I’d be a bit costly.

      But let me know what part of the main ad image doesn’t work the way you want it to. Should be an easy fix.


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