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      I created the static block as described in the documentation and change the twtter name still nothing.

      Help please



      Hello, the code of the static block is correct, see the demo which is working:

      Be sure to copy the exact lines of code. Which magento version are you using?.-



      using Magento ver.

      I did copy the exact lines of code and identifier :(



      Got it!

      Turns out the problem was one of the letters in my twitter username which was UPPERCASE :-)

      It works fine now.

      Thanks guys!



      Do you guys have anything for facebook? Or how can I add/edit stuff on that right sidebar?

      I’d like to add stuff like images, text etc.



      and how can I increase or decrease the number of tweets displayed?



      What file do I edit to add stuff to the right sidebar?






      ^^^ thanks but I still couldn’t find anything to edit in that “vert_nav.phtml” file for the community poll and the “now accepting paypal” image there. I’d like to add my own set of images depicting what payment options are accepted on the site.



      Again, how can I edit the section of the right bar with the “now accepting Paypal” image on it?

    Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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