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      We have set up text on the homepage, which you will see from:

      gms (dot) networkintellect (dot) org

      There is no padding at all on the left or right hand side. How do we add padding to make the text look and read better?



      Had to go through the whole style sheet to fix this! I understand this is based on the Modern Theme, however why were the relevant style sheet spacing not ported across? The Modern Theme has correct padding/spacing, which seemed to be removed with this template??


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      Hello Daniel,
      we use theme base, but we changed a lot of code.
      Could you fix the problem?



      Well we have been able to fix this but it is ridiculous to sell a theme where almost all of the spacing/padding has to be modified in the stylesheet in order for people to be able to view it properly. Surely you must test these before selling?



      Hi Daniel, you have to be sure that you like the theme before you purchase it. We provide support if the theme “per se” is having issues, not if you make (or you want to) changes and then the theme breaks.-



      whereabouts in styles.css do I need to make changes to add some left and right padding in CMS pages to column two of the 2 columns with left bar layout. (the padding is fine on product pages)



      Hi Robert, in styles.css (should be line 479) find this:

      .col-left {

      There you can add padding to the left column.


    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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