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      I have the theme up and running the only issue is that the product pages are not showing up properly. Do I have to do something to get the tabs to appear? where are these settings the spacing and alignment are really off. exp: (

      Let me know.




      Hi Cody,

      Check here and view Magento tutorials on how to manage tabs.




      That’s is not what I was asking for the Tabs do not appear at all. I had something called easy tabs in place, when I deactivate the extension no tabs show up at all. Plus the alignment is off on the product page please see link ( ) Let me know what we can do to correct the alignment and add the tabs I had seen in the template demo.




      Hello, the tabs should be automatically activated after you set up the theme, they are attributes that every product has and you can complete them.
      We checked your product page and it’s desaligned, did you modified css?. Be sure to set up the theme in System > Configuration > Desing and NOT in System > Desing, this could be the cause of this issue.
      Check if you have this code in your catalog.xml :

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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