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      Is this anything I can do to address the following to increase website speed, all my images on the page are fairly small i.e 144106 bytes in total. I only have 5 products showing on the front page. Im using HTTP compression.

      TOTAL_OBJECTS – Warning! The total number of objects on this page is 58 which by their number will dominate web page delay. Consider reducing this to a more reasonable number. Above 20 objects per page the overhead from dealing with the actual objects (description time and wait time) accounts for more than 80% of whole page latency

      TOTAL_SIZE – Warning! The total size of this page is 243579 bytes, which will load in 60.14 seconds on a 56Kbps modem. Consider reducing total page size to less than 100K to achieve sub 20 second response times on 56K connections. Pages over 100K exceed most attention thresholds at 56Kbps, even with feedback.

      SCRIPT_SIZE – Warning! The total size of external your scripts is 93207 bytes, which is over 20K. Consider optimizing your JavaScript for size, combining them, and using HTTP compression where appropriate for any scripts placed in the HEAD of your documents. You can substitute CSS menus for JavaScript-based menus to minimize or even eliminate the use of JavaScript.




      Hello, we have not tested using HTTP compression, but Magento is always very heavy, no matter what you try.
      The best you can do to increase the speed, is use a very good server, which support Magento themes, and (when you are not making changes in the theme) leave the cache available, this will increase the speed.

      Kind regards.-



      Ok, one of my issues is image sizes, Id like to optimise them some more, where do I go to change a image extentions, for example col_left_callout.jpg can be smaller if I use gif or png.

      So I want to update the path to look for a png file instead of jpg. Where is this info stored.




      Hi, you don’t have to change image rendering to use .png images in the theme. I have changed col_left_callout.jpg to col_left_callout.png and didn’t have any problem. Just upload your image with the name col_left_callout.png in /skin/frontend/default/hellomini/images/media

      But as i said before, this will not improve the speed in a noticeable way, the best you can do is consult to your server provider about a speed incrementation or simply move to a fast server.




      Wow SiobhanThis is some post that you’ve put together.I don’t prteend to understand the coding involved and I’ll probably never know what a base64 thingy is, but I can see from your super duper detective work that these are very bad themes.Thanks for highlighting the problem and pointing us in the direction of free trusted themes.



      bRlUQB teqczthyhvka

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