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      1. How do I make top level categories as links on this theme, at the moment they don’t link to anything, and I have some top level categories without children that need linking.

      2. Where can I edit the homepage slider block, and twitter block, and homepage as a whole? I added static blocks but this just adds content to the blocks but doesn’t allow me to remove what’s there. I am already using ‘home’ as the homepage cms for the desktop site so I can’t edit it that way.

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      I just found this awesome theme, and inaililty had problems also, but through some searching, got it working great, here’s how:1. Upload your images to the Media Library FIRST2. Copy the image location of the image you want for the post3. When creating your post, click the Screen Options at the top right of the page4. Make sure the Custom Fields has a check in it5. After creating your post, look below the post editing box, and you will see the Custom Fields inputs6. Enter image (without quotes) in the field name box7. Paste in the location of the image you want to use from step 28. Save or Post your articleI hope that helps some other folks as well. Brilliant and beautiful theme!



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    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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