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      Hi there,

      the slider on my hellopod page is shifted to the right by ~ 50 pixels. Would i make the correction in the custom.css file?

      (edit) nevermind, changed the slider wrapper to have a margin of -50px to the left.



      Ok, great.

      Next time you have an issue, please submit a ticket ( , since we don’t give support in the forum anymore.




      We use timthumb on our Mu and Kappa theme, and have now uedtapd them. Our latest theme, Xi does not use timthumb. There is less of a need for it, as you can use WordPress to generate thumbnails of different sizes. The only downside of using native thumbs is that you have to regenerate thumbs when you change themes.



      Hello! I have a lot of sites that use timthumb, do you know which veiorsn of timthumb is vulnerable ?because I m making a big cleaning here so to know with which site I have to begin!Thank you for your answer and have a nice day !Bambou Web



      suIP8A wsaokuraggiw

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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