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      I have installed hellosimple on a test setup here:

      On the Home page the slider appears but all images just appear one below the other with no slider controls. I have been over the installation steps again and checked all files are present but they don\’t want to go into the slider.

      Anything I might have missed?




      I’m getting really annoyed with this now. I’m kind of expected this to work out of the box, but can find no reason that my home page slide images are just displaying one above the other with no slide controls etc.

      All the files are uploaded to the site, all the js and css files are loaded in the header or body so I have no idea why it won’t give me a pretty slider.

      I know $99 isn’t a huge amount to pay, but if hellothemes support have any idea why this might happen (could it be a clash with other js files?) it might help me to make some progress.




      I think I’ve solved this now.
      I’ve moved the script declarations from head.phtml to footer.phtml and the slider now appears.

      Now my menus don’t work but that’s could be unrelated :-/



      Hello Tim, if you have a theme issue, please open a Ticket, since we do not give support in the Forum, neither by e-mail.
      Please include in the Ticket your FTP details (Host, User, Pass) and Magento Admin-panel details (URL, User, Pass), as well as the URL of the site. We’ll check what is causing this error in your theme files.




      Why cant things like this be fixed via the support forum ?
      If its sorted out via a support ticket, nobody knows what the problem was !!
      I’ve just downloaded the same theme (hellosimple) today (11th Jan 2012) and am having the same issue with the slider showing images underneath each other, so its either a faulty theme, or I’m doing something wrong, just like Tim was doing.
      If its something I’m doing wrong it would help everyone if its discussed in the forum surely !
      If its a theme error, then it hasnt been fixed yet.



      Hi Nigel, we’ve implemented the Ticket system, to give our customers a much more faster response to their issues. I’ve told Tim what he was doing wrong and i will tell your error if you submit a Ticket. Also, i always bring here what was the problem and the solution, but it’s always a different problem (believe me), due wrong theme configuration. If the issue is due the theme, don’t worry, we correct it in the theme at the moment.

      Hope this make sense.




      I like discussing things on the forums. It seems I’m having similar problems with my HelloSonar WordPress theme. Reading the information on these forums are helpful.



      Thanks Donnel, the theme discussions will bring more knowledge and information in the Forum.




      Dear Sirs,

      Many of the visitors to our client’s site have the same problem as the first poster – images in the features slider are appearing one on top of the other, no controls are visible, and the little blue circle pricetag is way off to the right-hand side of the screen.

      I DO NOT have the same issues (so, mine DOES WORK 100% on safari, ie, chrome, firefox), but I have seen this website on several different machines and most DO NOT display properly.

      Please advise what I need to do to ensure that all visitors see the same thing.

      Kind regards

      Alex H

    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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