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      Even though I update it in the admin (system > catalog > frontend) to say “20″ items per page, my categories are still only showing the default “8″ products per page. Not sure if its a layout issue or what. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



      Hi, i have tried this in our demo and it’s changing correctly when i set different values from the admin.
      Have a look at your catalog.xml , about line 90:
      This is where you can set the values, check if you have this line commented, if so, uncomment them.




      thanks, that worked to go in and manually change the numbers…. just frustrating that you cant do it from the admin



      Hi Byron, if you want to change this from the Admin, you have to do this: go to catalog.xml ,find the section i told you above:

      Now comment the hole section, like this:

      Do the same for the other same section, a couple of lines below (remember this section is repeated for the Non-anchor Categories and for Anchor Category).

      So after those sections are commented, you will be able to manage the default number of products to show from your Admin.

      Let us know if this helps you.

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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