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      In version 1.4 i could select shippingmethod/calculate price in the shoppingcart.

      In version 1.5 i only see option calculate shipping method, but the price for this shipping method is not viseble in cart anymore.

      How to fix this?



      Hi Thanh, we have checked this in the demo, and the shipping price is showing correctly, it shows in the checkout process as always.

      Did you modify someway the checkout files?, or maybe an extension installed?.





      Yes I’ve installed an extention..
      It’s the same i used with the older version, which appears correct in cart.

      When i use the old css file, it shows up correctly.. but with the css file of 1.5 it doesn’t shows up.




      Hi, the css modification could be due some fix we made. If the old css file works for you, so use it instead the new.

      Kind regards.-



      Hi.. It works.. but the arrow under the shippincost pointing to total amount, is nou at the left side near couponcode/discountcode.



      Hello, can you give us a link to see this?, it may be easy to fix.


    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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