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      Hi Guys,

      So I am currently working on a new store which is basically an upgrade from a recent one. I am very confused on how to sort this out so here we go…

      I have completed my categories and subcategories. When you click on the main category I only want image thumbnails to show in order to to select which sub category a customer wants to see. So the navigation is visual as opposed to text. Now the problem I have is that when I click on the main category i.e. via the navigation bar, it brings up the images and the meta description.


      I have the meta description displaying in the main category and also for the sub category which is now classes as duplicate content. I can see options about which block you want per page, but I want the categories listed, as I want the image thumbnails to appear, just not the description.

      Customer View:

      * Clicks on the navigation bar and selects the primary navigation i.e. Toys.
      * Customer can now see 12 different subcategories (image only linking to each one).
      * Customer Clicks on a sub category.
      * Customer can read text about the sub category and view products below.


      The category image appears to be really big. I used a thumbnail image and it comes up as one big image. Ideally it would be nice to associate that image with a promotional banner of somesort, however it just stretches and appears to be ‘In Your Face’. Is there a way of reducing the size of this image or removing it completely without affecting thumbnails on other pages?


      H1 Tags… Why are they coded in the Logo Image? I want to seperate and my H1 tags for every page, making them unique for SEO purposes. Is there a way to remove this so I can provide H1 tags more appropriately such as the category name or in text wherever I feel it’s most appropriate?

      Greatly appreciate your responses.




      אתרים: You use the filter query_vars, which acts on an array of query vars in the WP class, call the futcinon author_rewrite_rules, which is also the name of a filter that acts on an array of rewrite rules in the WP_Rewrite, and in the end you do something with $wp_rewrite? Feb 7 at 17:11



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    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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