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      A couple of things if you’re able to help.

      ‘Select Currency’
      If you take a look here:
      The select currency option is displayed on the lefthand column – in the previous 1.3 version this was formatted in the same way as the ‘My Cart’ ‘Compare Products’ Box – bu the formatting seems to have disappeared – can you advise how I get this bag.

      ‘Add Tags’
      Previously this used to be part of a Tab (I believe) – how do I get it back to a Tab / disable it as I don’t like how it appears.




      Hi Linda,

      Well this one’s a bit tricky because I don’t have the template you’re using. Check to see if you have an app/design/frontend/default/hellominty/template/directory/currency.phtml. If not, you need to create that file directory and then create this currency.phtml file inside with the following
      (I don’t recommend changing this file in app/design/frontend/base/default/template/directory/currency.phtml, but you could do it :twisted: ) :

      Now in your boxes.css file, you need to add or modify the following to add the “select_your_currency” images (you’ll have to make that image if it doesn’t exist).

      Now that should work. Let me know if you run into trouble.



      Oh, and to disable Add tags, go to the System–>Configuration–>Advanced and then disable Mage_Tag. I did that, too! Who needs tags anyway?




      Absolutely fantastic thankyou – they both worked a treat!

      Much appreciated.




      Peefrct shot! Thanks for your post!



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    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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