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    First off, to anyone reading this with questions, the HelloThemes staff provides amazing support despite what some board posters may say. So, thank you! Now on to my 2 questions...

    1) The contact form errors out when trying to submit a form, it gives the "Unable to submit your request. Please, try again later". I've checked the settings through ADMIN and all looks correct. Also, followed instructions on several message board posts but am still getting the same error.

    2) Somehow the search system and tag systems is not linked up's like they aren't full connecting to the product info. The tags have obviously been added to products but when you click on a tag it says no results. EXAMPLE: This Flash light < > has been tagged with "flashlight" and "xenon" but it doesn't show up as a linked product when you click a either one of those tags in the POPULAR TAGS box.

    Also, the search system pulls up some results but not all. For example, if you search "red" it shows several results but not all, it's missing this product < > which includes red in both the product name and description. Also, if you search "laser" it brings back no results, when it should.

    Any idea why these aren't working?

    If you need to edit these you should have my admin login and FTP info from the email I sent yesterday...