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      Happy Holidays everyone.
      I’m using HelloMinty theme with magento v and I have an issue. When someone views the front end site, the search bar auto populates with one sku (every time a different sku -number-).
      In my most popular search terms from the back end I’ve got only sku numbers searched for 450+ times each.
      I don’t even think they are sku’s. They’re 4 digit numbers.

      Is this a Magento Bug or a theme bug?

      Help please.



      Hi, that is very strange. Can you tell us the url, so we can check for this.




      I see that it’s better now.
      Will let you know if it appears again. :-)



      We have checked your site in FF, Chrome, IE and Safari, but nothing happened with the search-bar, we made a search and it works correclty. In any time we could see the search-bar autopopulating.

      Are you seeing this issue right now?.-



      Hello there will. i have just come across the same pbolrem. cannot find where the exported file has been saved after i have exported all the products.Can you let me know if you managed to sort this and how?thanks



      5WSVCb llywhckztnga

    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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