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      Hellocanvas and btw also hellowired does not allow a checkout with the modul saved cc. We still have the possibility to use saved cc so this is really needed!

      If I checkout and came to saved cc it recognize faulty inputs like cardnumbers. But if you are finished with the correct cc input and press continue there happens nothing. It stand there and it is not possible to pay or finish!? Next step should be to accept the terms. but it is not possible to get there. even the animated circle does not apear to show that the site is loading. Nothing…

      The Modul works fine.

      thanks for any solution because without this it is worthless to use ;-)



      Hello Andres, sorry for the delay of the response. Can you please tell as your url?, so we can chek what is going on with your theme.

      Thank you.-



      I would need a date to meet because I disabled the cc-modul for now and have just moneybookers payment methode active.

      the shop is already online and promoted so i can not hold the cc-saved modul active for a long time. let me know how we could get in touch to find a window for the check of it!

      I would really work with more of your designs but need this modul because the customers like it more than moneybookers…. and it is cheaper for us too ;-)

      regards Andreas

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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