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      I want to use a larger logo, but when I do this the padding and spacing around the logo changes so that it no longer sits centrally in the grey header block.

      What are the relevant changes in the css files? I assume i need to change the padding above/below the logo and/or make it vertically centre aligned.

      I may need to tweak the spacing around the search box also (if this is affected by the above changes).


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      Hello Dale,
      sorry but we dont give support for custom problems!
      Anyway please send the URL.




      Thanks for your reply – I’m not sure what support is if this isn’t a support question? Everyone will want to change the logo and, frankly, the supplied logo is not very big, so it’s quite likely they will need to adjust the spacing to retain the professional appearance.

      Perhaps I worded my question poorly.

      Can you direct me to the css classes that adjust spacing around the logo?

      My site is

      Also, I had real trouble reading your answer – the links from the forum didn’t want to work. In the end I had to search and follow the link that this produced.




      Support Team
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      Hello Dale,
      “I’m not sure what support is”: please read Support Policy!
      Anyway.. go to boxes.css line 335
      h1#logo {
      And change margin-top

      Good luck!

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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