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      how can i remove the “Design by” for HelloPress and HelloUno


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      Hi Gaspar,
      This above advice did not work for the HelloJynxx theme. Is there another route to remedy this problem for the theme? My client does not want the Hello links on their site..



      Hello Jefrey, in order to delete the “Design by hellothemes…” in the footer of HelloJynxx, please go to: skinfrontenddefaulthellojynxxcssstyle.css line:1417 you have to add this: display:none;
      , the line shoud be like this:

      Hope that helps, regards.-



      I’m guessing thats the same for Hellomix as well? Could you tell me what line I am to look at?



      Same line.-



      Hi Marc,
      i have the Hellomix too and it can´t find this code on the line 1417. It see different as my line?



      Hi Guillermo,
      Same question for the HelloGlam theme. I can’t seem to find the referenced line in the style.css file. Please let me know where to add in [ display:none; ] for the correct css line.



      Hi Jefrey, for HelloGlam is the line: 255 and 256, in style.css of course.


    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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