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      might seem a rookie question but how do i get the logo to be on level with the search bar on the home page?

      every time i try to change the padding it raises the search bar and navigation bar! :?

      its probably a simple answer but thanks in advance!



      Hi, your logo should match the size of the default logo, which is 145×42 Did you try with that size?.
      Another solutions could be to remove the float:left from the h1#logo , so the cart and the search bar will be below your logo.




      Hmm, this might be basic WordPress (WP) knowledge, but I have to ask anyawy as I’m still quite new to WP.I am using the ShadowboxJS plugin to open flash content in my posts. I want to add a WP Page to open this flash content instead. I can use a plugin called Page links to’ and then link to a .html file to open this flash content, but is it possible in your theme (and where do I have to edit?) to add html code directly in some .php file to accomodate this?? Thanks!



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    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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