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      How to modify the “0 items in stock” in grouped products?

      Its very nice feature to show products in stock but how to disable it in grouped product from showing up, or to modify it to show stocks of grouped products?

      best regards



      Hello Jani, sorry but can you explain a little bit more what do you want to do?, would be useful to have a link to the product you are talking about.




      Well, i have no link to show. But i try to be more clear.

      In Hellosixty theme, there is a nice ‘feature’ that shows the amount of products in stock in catalog view. That is exremely cool btw.

      Theres only one problem. It only works right if your product type is simple product. When you have grouped product, the feature doesn’t work right. It shows “0 in stock”, while ‘inside’ grouped product you will have plenty in stock.

      So my question is: is it possible to get this product stock quantity fetching work correctly also with grouped products? Or, it it possible to disable that stock quantity fetching ONLY in grouped products.

      I would really like this to work because it is so nice. 8)



      Any take on this? I would appreciate some reply? :?



      Hi Jani, we are working on this issue. Wich magento version do you have?, this feature works fine in, but not in, it’s strange.-



      Strange indeed! I’m using magento and it’s not working? Have you found any work-around on this issue?

      Could you clarify how to fix it temporarily? I mean how to comment some lines so that there would be no stock quantity at all?

      I must stress this though: i would be very glad to see this feature work. Mainly because it promotes selling and gives some trust towards e-commercing for customers..



      bumb! :|



      Im still waiting for some answer. I’ve been waiting for a month to have some suggestions. I would not want to throw the ‘bad support’ card here. Come on, can i have a some sort of a solution to DISABLE stock counter, OR to FIX it?



      Hi Jani, sorry for the delay, but we had contacted MagentoCommerce support regarding this, because it’s an issue of 1.5 version, but we didn’t get any answer so far.

      To disable the stock feature, go to: /app/design/frontend/default/hellosixty/template/catalog/product/list.phtml

      Find this line and remove it, it’s repeated twice, so remove both lines:

      That’s it.-



      Great, thanks.

      I hope the stock indication issue get worked out!

    Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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