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      Hello. Neither the product “Description” nor the Additional Info tabs are displaying in my Hello Sleek. Although I haven’t changed tabs.phtml or description.phtml, I looked at them and seem to be correct. When I switch to Default or Modern templates it does display info, so it is there.

      Please advise.



      Alguna respuesta????




      :| qué pasa????



      Is there a reason this post is being ignored???







      Hi ..

      may be you should try re installing the theme,it should work..



      Hi, the theme works properly on the demo, also you can see that tabs working fine. The demo is the same file you downloaded.
      Tell us your url, so we can chek what did you break.-



      I also seem to have hit this problem with HelloWired Product tabs are not displaying although firebug sugests the div class: product-tabs is there

      I’ve re-installed the theme and checked the main magento forum
      Opening up firebug and comparing the demo store with mine there seems to be a difference under product-collateral. Mine has “ul class=tabs” and hello themes demo refers to “ul class=product-tabs” (example of the 2 below)
      <div class=”product-collateral”>
      <ul class=”tabs”>
      <div class=”padder”> </div>
      <div class=”product-collateral”>
      <ul id=”" class=”product-tabs”>

      It could be unrelated but I’m wondering if the theme has changed between the demo and mine (HelloWired_Free_Theme_1_4-1.0)

      The URL is




      I’ve fixed it – the problem was EasyTabs extension or more to the point, my not configuring it properly. If you’re running EasyTabs with any Hellotheme its worth checking not only that its enabled (default=yes) but that fields like product description are also enabled (default=no).



      Hi Paul, thank you very much for your help!, it´s very usefull the help from customers to customers.

    Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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