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      Hi there,

      We’ve got a new store we’re building with HelloKids and are having an issue with product grids. In category pages & search results the product grid is pushing each product to appear under each other, rather than four products per line. Assume this might be an issue with product name length, but in that case isn’t it supposed to break line and appear as two lines of text?

      I also notice that the “Add to Wishlist” and “Add to Compare” text links are breaking line and appearing underneath each other instead of side by side.

      Any suggestions?



      Please disregard this post. After rebuilding indexes, layout was fine.



      Hi, thanks for posting your resolution, it may help others.




      Hi there,

      Unfortunately, this issue seems to be back. This time, I cannot get it to resolve with re-indexing and cache flush. Any thoughts?

      You can see the issue here:
      It seems to want to incorrectly break line between “Add to Wish List” and “Add to Compare”, but doesn’t break for long product names… It also breaks line between “Add to Wish List” and “Add to Compare” on the actual product pages.



      Any thoughts? This one really has me stuck!



      Hi Chris, we have checked your site and since you modified the design a lot, it’s difficult to figure out what may causing this.
      A solution can be to revert the changes you did and see what is causing this layout issue, or comment the file list.phtml (like this __list.phtml) in appdesignfrontenddefaulthellocanvastemplatecatalogproductlist.phtml so Magento will take the file from his base.




      Ok, I’ve narrowed down what I believe to be the issue, but cannot figure out how to resolve it.

      When comparing page source between what I’ve got as product list on our homepage (layed out correctly) vs. what we see on the category product listing, we see two different versions of the source you’d see in list.phtml. Homepage has the correct use of the span tag with the class “sep” outside of the
      tag, and the other has a different use, with span tag inside of the
      with the class “seperator”. This i’m sure is what is causing the problem, but I don’t know where the second version is coming from. I’ve tried making the change on the base version of list.phtml to see if it was somehow pulling from base, but that didn’t work.
      Also, to be clear, I have not changed anything other than css font & background colours.



      After a huge headache, I’ve solved the problem.

      Just in case anyone else has the “Aitoc Gift Registry” ( and likely other Aitoc modules) installed, be aware that it creates it’s own versions of list.phtml and addto.phtml that are found here:


      classes & structure must be edited to match the hellothemes versions of list.phtml & addto.phtml and then uploaded to:






      Thanks for posting your resolution Chris.


    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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