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      hi all i have been having trouble with installing hellominty

      the instruction i have which came with the download is

      General Installation instructions
      • First, open up your ZIP-file and copy the whole “app, skin and media”- folders on the main root of your local magento server.

      Which i have done

      • A message may popup and warn you that theres similar files already on your server. You will need to select overwrite to overwrite the same files.

      which it never did

      • This may take up to 5-10 minutes depending on your connection.

      • Log in to your backend of your Magento Administration and go to “System” → “Configuration”. Click on “Design” under General in the left-hand corner menu. Select “custom design” and choose the name of your theme in the dropdown menu. Click “save”.

      there is no “custom design” there is just “design” im guesing thats the one
      there is no drop down menus
      i have Package, Theme, HTML Head, Header, Footer, Product image Watermarks, Pagination.
      im guesing Theme would be the place
      so i write HelloMinty in Templates, Skin, Layout, & Default.

      but on the frontend page i just get an error
      so i try below and still same error am i doing something wrong?

      Your template is now active (if it doesnt show up
      immediately, Disable the Cache in System → Cache Management)
      • Under Cache Control, you will see a drop down menu with the Label “All Cache” select
      “Refresh/Disable”. Refresh means it will refresh your cache, Disable will disable your cache.
      • Ok, the template is active



      im working with Magento ver. . and i am using HelloMinty v1.7 for Magento ver.



      Hi, sorry for this inconvenient, please follow this instructions to install a Hellotheme:

      And the specific documentation for hellominty:


    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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