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      We’ve had reports from customers about intermittent Paypal Express issues on our site.
      One of our niche sites runs the hellouno theme, and no one has complained about it on that site.

      Here is what I have discovered so far:
      Using the Express Checkout button on the shopping cart page of HelloUno, and the transactions is perfectly fine.
      HelloSleek doesn’t seem to have this, and selecting the Paypal Express radio button on the final section of the single checkout page redirects to Paypal as expected, however the customer cannot return to our site, or more specifically when they get to the “review order” section, it is just a blank white page.
      Why would HelloUno work differently than HelloSleek in this way?


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      Hello Rad,
      what is your Magento version?
      HelloSleek have more than 2 years. We solved the theme with all Magento upgrades.
      Maybe we did not find this issue.
      I will look HelloSleek.
      Best regards.



      We are currently running 1.4.1



      Ok I have confirmed this is an issue with Hellosleek.
      Check it is running HelloUno, is on HelloSleek

      1)HelloUno has a paypal option on the shopping cart page, HelloSleek does not.
      2)Using the shopping cart icon, or single-page checkout on HelloUno for Paypal Express checkout, everything works as expected.
      3)Paypal checkout works on HelloSleek up until the customer returns to our site (index.php/paypal/express/review/), with HelloSleek the cusomter sees a blank white page, they cannot confirm the order and no charges are made to their account, or orders made in magento.

      Both stores use the exact same settings (where permissible, obviously they cannot have the same URLs, etc), however HelloUno works and HelloSleek does not, so this is a theme issue and not a settings issue. Again, this is on Magento 1.4.1



      Any Update on this?



      Coud be an update issue, because the HelloSleek theme is old. Try to comment this files: checkout, paypal, paypaluk in: /app/design/frontend/default/hellosleek/layout and the same files in: /app/design/frontend/default/hellosleek/template

      Tell us if doing that it works.-



      I don’t understand, comment what?



      8O this files: checkout, paypal, paypaluk in: /app/design/frontend/default/hellosleek/layout and the same files in: /app/design/frontend/default/hellosleek/template

      Example: checkout when is commented: –checkout
      paypal when is commented: –paypal




      So you want us to rename the files so they cant be found by the system? That should be easy enough, what are we looking to happen after that?


      Support Team
      Key Master

      Hello Rad,
      yes, sorry. You need to rename the files checkout.xml, paypal.xml and paypaluk.xml to __checkout.xml, __paypal.xml and __paypaluk.xml on app/design/frontend/default/hellosleek/layout. And folders checkout, paypal and paypaluk to __checkout, __paypal and __paypaluk on pp/design/frontend/default/hellosleek/template.
      The cause is because when not find the checkout.xml (eg) on the theme, take automatically the file on base theme. Base theme is always update, because when Magento upgrade the core, this folder change too.
      Hope it helps.
      Best regards.



      We have just done as you asked and it seems to have solved the paypal issue at checkout. However now the shopping cart and paypal checkout page’s layouts are all wrong as its obviously trying to apply both the HelloSleek and default themes at once.
      You can see an example of this by going here: after you add an item to the cart.
      Can you please update the needed files? We’re happy that it works now but would like the necessary checkout pages to visually match the rest of the site.



      Hi Rady :wink: , thanks for the feedback. Try this: leave the checkout folder like always, do not rename it (in: appdesignfrontenddefaulthellosleektemplate)
      If still with the same issue, enter to the checkout folder (without renaming it) and rename this files: multishipping ; onepage ; total ; links ; onepage ; success ,NOT rename cart folder and cart.phtml

      Good bye :lol:


      Billy Brooks

      So you want us to rename the files so they cant be found by the system? That should be easy enough, what are we looking to happen after that?

    Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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