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      So our company wont have very different products on our site so I want to be sure that all of our visible products make it into this section so it looks nice. To do this I have been adding all my products to their individual category as well as the default category so that they show when I place the category id for the default category. The problem is pretty much all of our products will be configurable products which require creating several simple products. All of these simple products are set to not visible individually however they still show up in this section of the home page. None of the simple products are even assigned to a category. I am not to clear as to how I can prevent these from showing and still get all my other “visible” products to show in this section. Shouldn’t it be checking if they are configured to to be visible?



      sorry that should read our company wont have very many products not very different.



      i created a new sub-category and plugged the products into it and it appears to have resolved this issue. Not sure why this wouldnt work as it was but no worries i suppose.



      Well, that’s strange, may be the old sub-category was configured wrong.


    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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