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      instead of the steps on the left and the content on the right it shows the steps then the content at the bottom, not how it looks like on the theme tester on hello themes, this is a fresh install of magento please help



      never mind i see there is already a topic, I’ve requested the changed theme files to be emailed to me..



      and that files were just sent to your e-mail.-



      which specific files need to be uploaded to correct that one checkout issue?



      I recommend you to upload the complete folder frontend/default/hellocurl/template/checkout/onepage
      and styles.css file




      i am also having this exact problem. how do i resolve this?



      Hi George, we have sent you an e-mail, please check it.




      I have this problem. How I can fix this?



      Hi, we’ve sent you the files. Sorry for any inconvenient.




      Could you sent me too, please? It is urgent…I have post in the another forum, but it’s the same problem. I have this problem in the checkout, and also in the descritption of the products.



      files sent to you registered e-mail.-



      For anyone how is having this issue: this is due the default Magento logo. If you change this logo to the helloCurl logo, or your own logo of the same size, you will see the onepage checkout displaying correctly, like in our demo site:

      Any doubts, please open a Ticket.




      Dear HelloTheme’s

      I’m a new customer, and i’ve just pruchased Theme HelloCurl.
      Everything works great. ut the onestepscheout page is allign to te right.

      i there an easy way to fix this.
      like to hear it

      thanx in advance

    Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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