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      Why does the HelloPod theme have no reviews page and star rating ? Its the same in the demo and from what I can see on most of the HelloThemes.

      I can also confirm that this is not a magento settings I have forgotten as I switched back to the default magento theme and the reviews page is there working fine, I can add and view reviews no problem.

      Any reviews already submitted are no longer visable in HelloPod but you still have the link on the product page saying “Add your Review”

      Can someone shed some light on this problem ?



      Hi again,

      OK, I’ve been researching and reading all your changelog files and I can see that the latest download of HelloPod that I have ( I re downloaded again today ) is missing the review.xml file from the layout folder.

      Where can I get this file and what other files are missing that I need to get reviews working ? Anyone from HelloThemes support ??



      Guys, its been 6 days !

      I need a fix for this problem as I’m waiting on launching my store and I cant go ahead until this is fixed. The problem is confirmed in your demo store also.

      Please advise



      Hi Robert, we are working on this issue. We found something in the magento core, but we need more time to finish working. -



      Hi guys, same problem for me on HelloUno…

      Guillermo, how long do you think the dev team needs to solve this problem ?

      Same as Robert, I’m waiting for this fix, to launch my store…

      Thanks !



      Not much more, we almost finish. Thanks.-



      Thats great news Guillermo, looking forward to the fix



      Hello both, sorry for the delay. In order to have the reviews back again, go to: appdesignfrontenddefaulthellopodtemplatecatalogproductview.phtml

      Under the line 102, add this:

      Hope that helps.-



      Hi Guillermo,

      Thank you for the code.

      While this has fixed the review problem it has unfortunately now placed the “Product Tags” options and button just under the thumbnail images on the product view page.

      Product Tags was also missing as an option previously and this piece of code has brought it back along with the reviews but its not a Tab, it seems to be missing the relevent CSS and so appears to be just plonked on the page instead of being inline with “Product Description” and “Additional Information” tabs

      Can you advise please ?




      Hi Rob, please send us your url, so we can check what you are saying.




      Hi Guillermo,

      Its the same as in your demo, I assumed the “Tags” option should be a tab along with product description etc but having looked at your other themes since you did this update “Add Tags” is the same in all of them so I guess its just the design you guys have used.

      I have since disabled “Add Tags” as the way it appears in the design doesnt look right for the theme as normally Tags is a tab option.

      Thanks for fixing the reviews though




      Hello Robert, the “add tags” design is the one we always used. However you can add it as a tab, following this tutorial:

      Hope that helps!.
      Kind regards.-

    Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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