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      I found that maybe you haven’t done any design for configurable products. Dropdowns appears below images and takes all width in the page. Price, Qty field and Add to cart button are also unconfigurated.

      You can see what I’m talking about in this image:

      Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]

      Grouped products have their own design and looks great just above the “short description”
      I would like to show this options (Dropdowns and Price Qty and Add to Cart) in that position

      Any help please?



      I’m using Magento v.1.4.2



      Hello Vicente, that is the design for configurable products, it’s not an issue. Let us know the exact product you are referring to.




      It’s a configurable product. It has an attribute that includes a dropdown list to make possible to choose some colors. It is not positioned bellow “Short Description” as I would like and as Grouped Products are. Can you see the square bellow the dropdown? It’s showing price aligned to left and Qty field and Add to cart button to right with different heights. It’s that correct? It seems to be not designed yet.

      This link may help to understand me. Sorry for my english :roll:

      Thank you for your support



      I see the image on the link, but in the demo the configurable products are displaying correctly, see:

      The image is a product that you made?.-



      Woow that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Your link shows a page based in 2 columns. Left columns contains Images and Right column is showing Name, Price, Quick Overview, Dropdowns etc.

      Yes the image is product that I’ve made.

      In my case you can see that Dropdown is taking the entire width instead of using the right column.


      Thank you



      Hello, we have been investigating this, and strangely, when you create a new configurable product the design is not the same for the current configurable products.

      Please allow us time to find a solution for this. Thanks.-



      Hi, do you have news about this issue?
      Thank you.



      Hi again,
      have you find any solution for this? My boss is driving me nuts!

      You will think I’m a bore…although I hope not..

      Please tell me something,

      Thank you



      I’m still waiting. Please give me an answer.



      Hi Vicente, sorry for the delay, we have found this is not an issue, it is a setting that you have to change so the product can take the design for configurable products of hellosixty.

      In your Admin panel, go to the product, then in the options column, select Design, then in “Display product options in” select “Product Info Column” Now the design for the configurable product will be the correct one.

      Kind regards.-

    Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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