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      I have installed HelloSonar correctly and the only changes I have made so far are replacing the logo and removing some background images via css.

      I have created a few test products and categories but I cannot get the category navigation menu to display as the main navigation menu. I don’t see any instructions on how to do so, therefore would assume that it’s supposed to be automatic.

      Also, I can’t get the featured product slider to show up. I have made a category with an ID of 3 and put a couple of test products in it, and I have set the content on the homepage to the following:

      <div class=”hot-title”>Lorem Ipsum Dolor SIt Amet.</div>
      {{block type=”catalog/product_list” category_id=”3″ template=”catalog/product/featured_products.phtml”}}

      But on the homepage, all I get below the text is the following error message:

      “There are no products matching the selection. Please provide a category ID.”

      I can’t work out what I’m doing wrong…



      Hello James, what do you mean with “I cannot get the category navigation menu to display as the main navigation menu.”?

      To show the featured products in the carousel, you only have to change the category ID, as i think you are doing it, so be sure that the category where you add the featured products is active, and you are adding the correct ID number of the category, wich is displayed next to the category name when you click on it (not the number that appears next to the category names on the list).

      Also, your theme must be configured in System>Configuration>Desing, not in System>Desing.




      be sure that the products are in stock!
      bye bye



      Yes, also they must be active/enable.-



      That’s the weird thing, all of the things you have mentioned are correct!

      • I did change the category ID to 3, which is the active category I want to show
      • The category is active
      • The products are in stock
      • Products are active


      what do you mean with “I cannot get the category navigation menu to display as the main navigation menu.”?

      What I mean is, I have created categories with products in them, but the menu does not show up in the theme. It should be under the logo on the left and its not there. Do I need to do something more?

      Also, your theme must be configured in System>Configuration>Design, not in System>Design.

      Then why does the tutorial here say the opposite? In the installation instructions it says:

      Log in to your backend of your Magento Administration and go to “System” →”Design”. Click “Add Design Change”. In “Custom Design” select your theme from the drop down and click “Save”.

      I have done everything I am supposed to do but neither the carousel or the menu are working.



      Hi James, i think your categories are root categories as the main “Root Category”, that’s the problem. Your categories must be sub-categories of the Root Category, if this not happen, your categories will not show in the menu.

      Sorry, the correct instructions are these:




      Right, now that has got the products displaying in the menu, thanks!

      But I still cannot get products to display in the featured carousel on the homepage…



      In your Admin panel, go to CMS>Pages and select the homepage you are using for HelloSonar, go to Content and add the category ID in the corresponding section of the homepage code, see text in bold:

      <div class=”hot-title”><span style=”font-weight:bold;”>SONAR </span><span style=”color:#ff3300″>50% OFF</span> / NEW LOOKS FOR A NEW SEASON…</div>
      {{block type=”catalog/product_list” category_id=”13″ template=”catalog/product/featured_products.phtml”}}

      To get your category ID, just go to Catalog>Manage categories, select a category and see the ID next to the title.




      I have already done exactly that, as you can see in the first post in this thread!

      I currently have a category ID of 5, with 3 products in it. I have put the code in the content of the home page with the ID changed to 5.

      The category is active
      The products are in stock
      The products are enabled

      It STILL does not show any categories in the featured carousel, and now I can navigate to the category from the menu, I see that the products aren’t showing up in the category either!

      I have done everything advised, still no products in the category or in the carousel.



      Send us your ftp and admin details to our support email: support(at)hellothemes(dot)com
      And we will tell you what you are doing wrong.-



      I have emailed the details to you, thanks for your help.



      Have fixed your “issue”.
      The stock configuration were set to non display the products that are out of stock.
      The theme was <wrong> configured, it was in System>Desing, were it must be in System>Configuration>Desing
      The products must be added in the Root category and the category of your choice.-



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