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      First of all… thanks for the great work in producing this theme! A very complete theme that saved me tons of time.

      My only question is concerning the usability of the navigation. When I select an item from the top most tab structure (Account, Cart, Wishlist etc…), the tab does not maintain it’s “active” state (same as rollover state) when I am brought to the resulting section. So for example, when I land on the “My Cart” page and see what I wish to buy, the “Home” tab in the secondary navigation is selected and not the “My Cart” tab in the primary navigation. Same goes for all those sections in the top most tab structure. However, the tabs for the product categories dont seem to have this issue and function as they should.

      Is there anything I can do to correct this situation and make it more consistant so that the tabs will become “active” and the home tab will be “deactivated” when entering these sections in the top most tab structure?

      Please let me know if I am not clear enough, I can make a demo available to show you in more details.

      Thanks in advance for any assistance!



      Thanks for the compliment. Please make a demo or something more visible, because we would like to see what exactly you are saying.




      Hey Guillermo,

      Sorry for my delayed response. I have taken a screenshot of the issue I was describing in my original post (link below)

      In the screenshot you can see that even though a user is in the “My Account” section, the “Home” tab is still selected. I wrote more of a description on the screenshot itself.

      So coming back to my original question, is it possible to make changes so that when a user goes to the “My Account” section (or any other section in that level of navigation), the corresponding section tab is highlighted so that there is a visual indication as to what section the user is in. Also, is it possible to de-select the “Home” tab while in these sections?

      I haven’t seen any other posts about this, so maybe I am just not understanding something. If so, please do let me know! :wink:

      Hope all this makes sense.

      Thanks again for your assistance!

      (btw… if the image in the link I posted isn’t very clear, you can choose to download it. It seems the gallery is scaling it quite poorly! )



      Hi Jason, thanks for the applied explanation. In order to do that, go to: skinfrontenddefaulthellomixjscustom.js

      and paste this code:

      Hope that helps, regards.-




      That is fantastic… works perfectly. Thank you very much!

      Just one quick follow on question. Is it possible to also change the “Home” menu button to a de-selected state when in one of those top links sections, so that none of the main tabs are selected?

      Thanks again fopr the great assistance!

      P.S. Sorry for the late reply, just back from a business trip :P

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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