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      I’m trying to move account dashboard on the right side of the page ,any hints how to do this ?

      Example :



      Hi, in that case you should change from 2columns-left to 2columns-right, you can do that in your catalog.xml .Then you will have to modify some style config. in your styles.css to make it look good.




      hmm ..done that but wasn’t ok ..i’ll try again



      My bad i changed 2 colums-right in other file in catalog.xml i can’t find dashboard reference



      Try changing in your catalog.xml
      line 62
      <reference name=”left”> to right



      Doesn’t work from reference name.I’ll try to find a host to put a link, i’m testing it on localhost.thx for trying..



      Still no results ,i’ll try to explain this better : I’m trying to move account-box (the account menu ) to the main part of the page but i don’t know where tot look.Now account menu is showing in left side of the page where is menu.Any ideas are welcome..


    Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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